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Beard Transplant in Delhi

best hair transplant Beard Transplant

The FUE procedure is also used for Beard Transplant in Delhi to restore facial hair. Just like a hair transplant, it is minimally invasive and it don’t leave scarring, making it a popular technique for a lot of men. The donor area used for a Beard Transplant is either the side or back of the head, depending on where there’s more finer hair. Once the donor area is prepared, the surgeon uses a punch to extract the individual hair grafts and make small incisions where the grafts will be transplanted. In order to promote natural hair growth, the grafts are then placed in a predetermined density and pattern at the right angle. The technicians generally do the final part of the procedure, inserting the individual grafts in place. A Beard Transplant is administered under local anaesthesia and depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted it usually lasts around 3-7 hours. Initial results can be noticed after just 6 months, while full results are expected after one year following surgery. The results will be natural looking and hair will permanently continue to grow.


1. Topical medication

Medicaments of this group have several advantages, which make them the basic means of treating androgenic alopecia

  • They are easy to apply, a characteristic that allows frequent and regular use: this is very important for effective treatment.
  • They are applied directly on the affected regions, which enables using small doses of the medication.
  • The low doses decrease the risk of undesirable side effects.
  • Application is painless, and the patients accept the treatment readily
  • Application is painless, and the patients accept the treatment.
  • They are less costly than other methods of treatment.

Topical application requires that the respective medication should have good skin-penetration capacity. This capacity determines what part of the medication will reach the target structures and hence the effectiveness of the substance. In view of this requirement, the range of medicaments suitable for topical application is reduced. They are: Minoxidil, Minoxidil sulfate, Aminexil, Ketoconazole. The enumerated medicaments have different chemical properties, and in order to be effective, they should be applied in specific forms (as a lotion, shampoo, cream) and in different solvents.

2.Oral medication

The most frequently used medicaments in this category are the antiandrogens: Finasteride 1.0mg Androgenic alopecia can be effectively treated by means of these medicaments because they block 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme that is responsible for transforming testosterone into dehydrotestosterone and for the connection of the latter with specific receptors in the hair follicles situated in the problem zones. Taking these medicaments suppresses the process of hair loss and restores hair growth in the damaged follicles (that still retain their function). Oral reception of these medicaments causes a number of serious side effects, such as decreased libido, decreased potency, ginecomastia, emotional disturbances, etc.This is due to the resorption of the substance into all systems and organs of the human body – since quite large doses of medication are required when it is taken orally. It is strongly contraindicated for women to take Finasteride and Dutasteride. But there are safe ways of using these medicaments: they can be introduced into the scalp by means of mesotherapy. This technique permits application of far smaller doses of medication to achieve the curative effect, doses that exclude harmful side effects.

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