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Everyone wants smooth, healthy, and long hairs right? Everyone does. Whenever you look at someone who has smooth and shiny hairs, we wish that smoothness for our hairs also. So today Medadvisors bring some cool tricks for your hairs that make you look gorgeous in few days. So just sit tight, because the treasure of amazing hairs is going to open now.

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1) Make a mixture of avocado and egg yolk:-

Best hair transplant in Delhi

You can make a mixture of an avocado and an egg yolk in a bowl. Just mix it until it makes a good mixture, now apply it on your hairs properly so that it covers all the hairs. Keep this mixture on your hairs for about 30 minutes. After that, wash your hairs with little warm/ lukewarm water to remove all the mixture from your hairs. Also, you can use shampoo after the removal of the mixture with water, to ensure the removal of egg yolk.

2) Use Aloe Vera:-

Best hair transplant in Delhi

Just like the avocado and egg yolk mixture, we can also use the Aloe Vera gel to make your hair smoother and shinier. You can either use the original Aloe-Vera plant to get the gel from it, or you can buy the gel from the market. You can easily find the gel in market. Now take one or two eggs and a good amount of aloe vera, depends on the length and amount of hairs you have. Now mix it and apply it on you hairs in all the directions. Wait for 25-30 min. and then wash your hairs with Luke warm water and remove everything from your hairs, you can also use shampoo after that to ensure that not even a single amount of mixture left on your hairs. This mixture also makes you hairs healthy and stronger.

3) PRP (Platelets rich plasma):-

Best hair transplant in Delhi

Yes, this thing may sound weird to you but many of the people use this therapy to get amazing hairs that they always dream of. PRP is a therapy in which we creates a mixture full of platelets and insert it in your scalp, and mixture give all the nourishment to your hairs and grow more hairs and your hairs shiny too.

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4) Mesotherapy:-

Best hair transplant in Delhi

Just like PRP, Mesotherapy is also one of the best ways to get smooth and shiny hairs in no time. In Mesotherapy, A nutrition rich mixture of all the components that our scalp and hairs needs are injected to our scalp and that mixture contains plant extracts, vitamins, and other ingredients like protein, calcium, fat, etc. and these components are very beneficial for our scalp and hairs. These components take their places in scalp and the destroys the deficiency of them.

Why US?

Best hair transplant in Delhi

We’re proud to solely perform hair transplants using follicular unit extraction (FUE) technology, the very latest form of follicular transfer. It’s an exacting, highly technical non-invasive procedure with remarkable, natural-looking results. No other hair transplant technique comes close. One of our goals is to change attitudes about hair transplants. There’s no shame in hair loss and there’s no shame in wanting to look and feel your best. As more high-profile patients speak candidly about their hair transplants, more men and women are getting in touch for consultations. If you’re considering a hair transplant, come in and talk to us. Hair transplants aren’t just for older men and you definitely don’t need a footballer’s salary to walk out with a full head of hair. You can also read our blog on PRP Hair Loss Treatment

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