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Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrows add expression to our faces and are one of the most distinctive features that make up our faces. Full, contoured and perfectly shaped eyebrows make our eyes more expressive and somehow, boost our self-confidence. Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR is a permanent solution to fix small areas of hair loss caused by over plucking, scars or genetic causes. This procedure is highly successful thanks to modern, minimally invasive hair transplantation techniques such as Follicular Unit Extraction.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Types of Eyebrow Hair Transplant

  • Full Restoration - Restores the eyebrow completely (around 200 follicular units needed)
  • Enhancement - Used for pencil-thin brows (between 100-200 follicular units needed)
  • Touch Up - Offer a little more fullness and reshaping ( 50-100 follicular implants needed)

Lack of hair and insufficient density or unsatisfactory shape of the eyebrows is conditions that can fully be corrected. The results of correction are permanent and produce eyebrows of the desired shape and density. This can be achieved by Eyebrow Hair Transplant in Delhi NCR . The method used is a mini-invasive procedure for implanting separate hair follicles in the eyebrow region. The technique allows full building of the eyebrows when these are lacking, as well as increasing their density or changing their shape. The manipulation can be done upon permanent makeup as well. Transplanted eyebrows are quite natural in appearance and have the form and density the patient desires

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