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FAQ – Hair transplant

Although hair transplant surgery is a viable option for both males and females, to assess who is a good candidate for hair transplant, factors like age and heredity are to be considered. Ideal age for transplant is mid-thirties, but the candidate should be healthy and do not have hereditary reasons for typical male pattern of baldness, and have not undergone any previous medications

With innovative techniques in hair restoration for males and females, correction to poor transplants previously made cab be made, but all depends upon how much qualified and experienced is the surgeon carrying out the process and the amenities being made available for new techniques at the hair transplant center

Healing problems is the prime factor that makes hair transplant surgery risky, especially if the problem arises from the donor area, which is generally at the back of the head. This may be due to previous traditional techniques being applied, where significant scarring can result in n numbness of the donor area. Infection cannot also be ruled out in case the ambience is prone to it. However, with the use of innovative techniques, these problems can be solved.

If it is the latest procedures that are followed for hair restoration, patients can return to their normal activities within 2 to 3 days. This applies to some restrictions which include avoiding activities that are strenuous and exercises that are rigorous, till the time the sutures are healed. This can take normally 10 to 12 days before patients can return to their normal activities.

Waiting for final results after hair transplant may differ upon the procedure followed and the expertise of the surgeon. While waiting period can be anything between 6 to 12 months, it all depends upon how the procedure of the hair restoration was carried out. While somebody can experience restoration of hair within 5 to 6 months, others may have to wait till 12 months, depending upon the number of sessions of grafting and the ability of the donor area. Ultimately what matters is the position of the cycle depending upon the nature of the hair biology.

Modern techniques in hair transplant being minimally invasive, the process is not much painful. Generally it is done under the supervision of skilled surgeons under local anesthesia. A little pain may be experienced because of the tenderness of the scalp and low doses of pain killer medicine may have to be taken. Pain is less felt when the grafting process is spread over few sessions..

Cost of hair transplant depends upon the grade of baldness, expected hair density and chosen technique. Generally cost is calculated on the number of hair follicles being grafted each time. For FUT procedure, cost per hair grafting ranges from Rs. 25 to 40, whereas for FUE procedure, the cost range is Rs. 60 to 80. For more advanced techniques which involves plastic surgery, the cost may be anything between Rupees fifty thousand to Rupees One lac.