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Hair clinic in Delhi What is Q-switched

The Q-switched laser is used to get rid of unwanted sun freckles, brown spots, and tattoos from your skin. The laser energy pulse releases the pigment into the skin so it can be clearly reabsorbed and disposed of by the body. Q switch laser is additionally a wonderful therapy for removing tattoos. The laser breaks down the tattoo pigment into particles that are clearly swept away by the body’s lymphatic system. the ability settings of the laser can be set at different levels and frequencies to accommodate your specific expectations and condition.

How do I know if I need this treatment?

Q-Switched Laser Treatment in Delhi is suitable if you have some isolated coloured spots, small or large that you would really like to get rid of. we stress that this treatment is excellent for removing only some spots. if you have several diffused spots we suggest a photorejuvenation procedure like with Fraxel laser or the intense pulsed light. The Q-switched laser is additionally effective against sunspots on the arms legs or chest.

Q-Switched Laser Therapy isn't applicable for pregnant women or patients who've taken Accutane for the past six months. folks with a history of cold sores or herpes simplex virus should not have this procedure until they're treated for these conditions

How does Q-switched Laser Treatment work?

The high-speed light energy is released in a sequence of rapid (nanosecond) pulses, which microscopically vibrate and shatter the pigment into little particles deep inside the skin. these particles are then clearly reabsorbed and disposed of via the body. the additional advantages of this laser’s energy also target the building blocks of healthful skin, stimulating new collagen growth to replenish the collagen we lose as we age

For more aggressive treatment of advanced photo harm, a doctor can modify the settings of the laser. after this one-time procedure, the skin will seem slightly red, like sunburn, for some days.

What are the benefits of the Q-Switched Laser Therapy?

  1. Removes liver spots and brown age (lentigines)
  2. Removes Nevus of Ota and brown birthmarks
  3. Minimize wrinkles and fine lines
  4. Removes freckles
  5. Safe for all skin colours and types
  6. Stimulates new collagen synthesis to improve skin tone
  7. Improves skin tone and texture

What happens after treatment?

If the region being treated is the face, ensure to inform the provider if you have the background of cold sores on the body because of the fact that it may activate the virus of it. Be aware that you will have crusts on the treated region for some days to two weeks (if on the legs, it may even be 3-4 weeks). we suggest that you treat these with simple vaseline or petroleum jelly and keep them covered with bandages until they're recovered, as this speeds the healing. although you can use make-up over the treated regions, they may be tough to hide with make-up. otherwise, no preparation is vital.

You feel a burning sensation on the treated region for several minutes or up to some hours. The spots become red and form a crust that must be protected to heal optimally. The crust heals in three to fourteen days, (longer for arms and legs) depending on the region and how nicely you take care of it.

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